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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to plan your landscape project?


The best time to plan your landscape project is late fall and/or winter.  The design and planning process for each project can take several weeks, including the selection of materials and plan revisions.  This should all be completed in the off season to allow for an early spring installation to optimize use of your outdoor living space for the summer season. 

How many different type of paving products are there?


There are several natural and man made paving products on the market.  The most commonly used natural stone paving products in the Northeast are limestone, bluestone, travertine, and granite, which can come in a variety of colors and textures.  There are hundreds of man made paving products commonly called pavers or slabs.  Man made products come in multiple colors, textures and shapes and allow for unlimited design combinations.  

How much does the typical design cost? 

We provide two basic design consulting options:

  • DynaScape CAD Design- $800
    Using DynaScape Landscape software we create a scaled landscape plan based on site consultations and customer feedback.  This plan includes three revisions and (2) full size scaled prints with labels and plant schedules as needed. 

  • Three Dimensional Renderings - $1200
    Using the CAD drawings we have the ability to create 3D renderings in full color from multiple angles, providing you with a life like walk through your designed project.


What is phase construction?

Phase construction provides our customers the opportunity to break their project into multiple phases making it both affordable and provides for optimal use during prime seasons.  Complete landscape renovation can be both costly and overwhelming.  A comprehensive design plan allows for our customers to select the completion of certain aspects of the job, while establishing the foundation for others.  

Tel: 508-328-9674

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